Throw the boor offstage

Alphy flipping channels, with me taking a peek saw the screen fill up with an award function. Cyrus Broacha seemed to be in charge of 'announcements'. The supply side scarcity that I mentioned in the post below seems to be true for comedy too. In India

The guy is worse than horrible. But I guess he gets away with his brand of disgusting humour thanks to the concept of 'supply scarcity'. Guess we have only the likes of such boors around. But then again, I take comfort in the fact that I have the POWER! To change channels. To log on to SNL online and watch what I call real comedy.

I wish more Indians do that. Because then we can finally throw the boors off stage.


Eve said…
I have a feeling that Indians love 'boors'...just look at Big Boss or laughter challange shows...maybe we really do have different sensibilities..peter russel has a niche following in India..and it will always remain niche...the likes of Cyrus are the creme of Raju Srivastava's world. It is heartbreaking. sigh.

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