Bajaj Scooter, an icon? Me, the Pope?

I am not too sure how serious Rahul Bajaj is when he says he is not fully convinced of his company's decision to phase out scooters. I guess he is just being politically correct. After all, he is supposed to sound sad, isn't he? Rajiv Bajaj, on the other hand says what makes perfect sense, that he cares less for emotion and more for logic as the scooter business isn't profitable anymore. Elsewhere I hear the decision of exiting Bajaj scooters being portrayed as the end of an iconic brand.

Iconic brand? Did I hear right?

Far from being an iconic brand, Bajaj scooters represents what was consumer choice in socialist India. In the socialist state that was India, consumers had no choice but to buy the 'only' brand on show. Thus engineering its iconic status, thanks to the 'one' choice exercised.

Rahul's right. Logic's what's required. A logic that centers around the only entity that matters. The customer.


Unknown said…
ya, rahul said in support to its decision " brands that are positioned sharply are more profitable".

good logic

because bajaj cant afford to have a outdated product as they are targeting young people for its bikes.

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