The Hope for next Year

Globally, its been the year of the marketer. Its been a year where perceptions have dictated realities. Thankfully, as we end the year, the 'real' reality is breaking through and so I end it with a sigh of relief.

Barack Obama became president purely on perceptions. Built by marketing magic. As a product he was carefully crafted, and then positioned as a saviour. An adoring liberal populace lapped him up, lock, stock, and barrel. Global Warming is the other fraud that's been perpetrated successfully around the globe. Led by the liberal Mr. Warmist, Al Gore. The marketing juggernaut that took this canard around the world's been so potent, it almost had everyone fall for it, even buy into it .

The concept of Universal health care (or Universal anything) comes next in the line of fraudulent propaganda. The Barackian world that's built on universal happiness is one that's, unlike Global Warming, beginning its journey. Add to it the belief that, inherently there isn't any evil and so there are no rogue states or rogues, you have another of the flawed Barackian world view.

But as I mentioned earlier, thankfully the world's seeing what's a myth and what's real. Barack's popularity has taken a nose dive. Climategate is out there for everyone to see, thanks to the hacker. Universal Healthcare is being doubted. And Iran has just witnessed a full scale rebellion from the opposition ranks.

So, though we end the year as one of frauds, we begin the next with a hope that world citizenry will wake up to what's real and what's mere propaganda. I for one would be happy waking up tomorrow to a world that sees Obama for who he really is, Global Warming for what it really is, and Universal healthcare for what it entails.

That's a year I welcome.

Happy New Year, folks!


Unknown said…
marketing creates intangible value for the customer using minimum resources.
so marketing is not culprit the people who used it for wrong purpose are culprit.
i hope you are not blaming marketing.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
next year i am waiting for even more interesting blog's.
weber's law :)
keep it up.
Ray Titus said…
Thank you. Hope I can keep thoughts coming.
As marketers, we should be happy with Obama's victory.

The unrest arises when our values conflict with the marketer's success..

As an IBM chairman said "You cant sell a bad product twice" Obama might face difficulties in his 2nd term.

Until then , hail marketing!

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