Be Afraid. Very Afraid!

Its isn't as much the act as its aftermath. Being on a plane that has a passenger trying to blow it up is downright scary. But then the scare's limited to who's on board. The aftermath on the other hand sends shivers down all probable fliers of the future. They will have their hearts in their mouth when they fly. Because the memory of an attempted blow-up will be fresh in their minds. In behavioural terms this is called the Recency effect.

My gut tells me, post this attempted blow-up incident, airline traffic's bound to suffer. Anxiety levels amongst fliers will surely be high.

Another fall out to this incident will on the Obama image. Already portrayed as weak on terror, this incident will only go to further that image. After all, the great O has on cards such asinine acts such as the close of Gitmo and the circus trial of terrorists in New York. Add to that the appeasement of rogue states, and the O weakling image is complete.

But what should be truly frightening is the fact that for O, it isn't just an image. Its what he really is!

Therefore be afraid. Very afraid!


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