The need to 'Score', the need to 'Scorn'

'Tiger is a star, a sexy pretty-boy, a famous athlete, the biggest name in golf. He can get girls in any city, any port, any hour of the day or night. He did not want an extra-marital affair. He wanted multiple affairs, multiple one night stands, multiple, ongoing sex contacts to juggle. He wanted non-committed sex with a series of women (eleven so far and counting), whom he had no intention of marrying.

To Tiger, sex is a sport, like golf, a form of entertainment, another way of scoring. He is no different than all the other alpha-male rock stars, actors, politicians and businessmen...

But aren’t these adult sexual matters private? Why pry? Why does the media go after these private matters and, in so doing, destroy lives?

Because we, the people, just love to read about powerful people’s sex lives. We like to see someone ruined, brought low. There, but for the grace of God, go I; or, he deserves it, who does he think he is? How dare he mess with our illusions?

We, the people, want to know if one of our ostensible heroes is not as wholesome as he pretends to be; we want to know when they are low and crafty dogs.'

- Phyllis Chesler, 'Tiger’s Sex Score'.


Unknown said…
nice article
why we want to hear such type of news?

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