Soul Brands

Watching the movie 'Miracles' for maybe the third or fourth time, I realise how I never tire of seeing such movies over and over again. In fact, the other day I watched 'The Count of Monte Cristo' again. I've done this in the past with movies like 'Remember the Titans' and 'Shawshank Redemption'. I realise I do this because these movies connect at an emotional level. Maybe 'emotional' is not the right word. Such movies connect at a 'soul' level. The triumph of the Human Spirit that comes through such movies connects at a 'soul' level.

I wonder if brands can ever do that? Surely brands can and do evoke emotions, but can they connect at a 'soul' level? Such connects are ones that 'move' you. Takes you back to the entity in question over and over again.

Soul Brands are those that connect at a deep level. They sear into our psyches. My gut tells me if this were possible it would be more for service brands than product ones. After all, its what people do that moves us. And service is about doing. In all the movies I mentioned, the protagonist/s act in manners that move us. We rejoice with them in their triumphs. Such joint celebration is what's the hallmark of a 'soul connection'.

Probably the genesis to a 'Soul Brand'. That's if brands can.


Matz said…
In order for a brand to connect with the consumers at a soul level, the consumer should have "an experience" with the brand and should connect with it in a way that no other brand does.

It can probably be somthing like "the moment of truth" for services, or extraordinary performance by a product, etc which can make an impact from the experience and thereby will always remain the minds of the consumer
Ray Titus said…

I think 'moments of truth' translate into 'delight'...probably sealing loyalty...;

'Soul' is a deeper connect!
With regard to "Miracles", are you referring to the 2004 American movie on Ice Hockey or something else.

There are many movies with the name "Miracles". So, was a bit curious to know!
Ray Titus said…
Yep, the Ice hockey one...

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