Who wants to save the planet?

TERI honcho Rajendra Pachauri was on NDTV a few minutes ago. On being asked about the Telegraph article that featured him without the best of characterisation, Pachauri feigned righteous indignation. He threatened action against the publication. On being asked whether he was contemplating legal action, Pachauri hesitated for a moment and said he wasn't committing to anything, but would surely respond to the paper's characterisation.

Pachauri going after the Telegraph? That'll be the day. Most do-gooders in the world, who do greater good for themselves than the ones they profess to care about, shy away from any action that puts them in the 'wrong' kind of spotlight (read, investigations into their activities). Any legal action they threaten to take risks them having to lay bare what they do. Its wishful thinking that the Al Gore warmist types would want that.

Transparency is not easy for the ones who claim they care more for something other than themselves. Because they really don't. You gotta be an airheaded liberal to believe Al Gore wants to save the planet.

Brands too, that profess to care about you, lie. They don't. In fact, I'd say they don't have to. All they have to do is solve a consumer need better than their competitors and trade that solution for the consumer's money. Such trade is fair. Solutions for the consumer, at a price.

The right to the price brands seek is their's. The right to purchase, or not to, is the consumer's. A world that works on this principle is the world we must seek. Not one filled with do gooders who seem to suggest they are doing what they do out of the goodness of their heart.

Fat chance.


Unknown said…
and customer's are becoming more skeptical these day's.
if you show intimacy with them they will think that your product is not that good that's why you are showing intimacy.
Unknown said…
Climate caring chaps are pulling off the biggest scandal/practical joke of the millennium. Unfortunately many still buy it.
B D Humbert said…
Made me think of Coke's latest effort to help me manage my life - 90 calorie cans [at a very nice price premium]. This stuff is so silly - I wonder what the correlation between diet soda sales and obesity rates might be?

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