The Believer & The Skeptic

It seems the US. winter of 2009-1o could turn out to be their worst in twenty five years. What bad timing, for the warmists! The winter had to come at a time when the world was beginning to doubt global warming. And more so since it was just a li'l while ago that we had Climategate.

Will the winter drive a nail into the Global Warming coffin? I doubt it. Yet what it may do is increase the number of doubters, thus putting a spoke in the wheels of the green-industrial complex.

About time.

Brands too face a certain amount (maybe even large doses) of skepticism when they come up with claims. Can a fairness cream truly get you a job? It may get you a mate in India. But a job? I am sure there are those who believe there's a direct correlation between the colour of your skin and your job prospects. As to whether its a majority or just a minority can be ascertained by whether the brand's flying off shelves.

In India, fairness creams are being lapped up left, right and center. Guess that means there is a correlation between skin colour and job prospects. Or maybe it means majority belief is almost always wrong.

My vote's on the latter.


Unknown said…
after the job ad the sales has increased drastically?

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