Its hard to remember, harder to forget

Work at work, and at home is beginning to overwhelm, especially since Alphy isn't well and in bed. The one thing I am guarding against is losing my temper with Jaden as he continues being his naughty self. Don't get me wrong, he isn't the destructive kind at all, yet work pressures sure can get to me.

The other day, a near spank Jaden had to endure left me not happy with myself. I mulled over my behaviour and knew I let the pressure get to me. The sour feeling I had about myself left a lousy taste that lingered overnight. Waking up to find Jaden sleeping like an angel and knowing he had surely forgotten my behaviour provided some solace. It was interesting knowing that he'd forgotten the incident, whereas I found it hard to erase from memory. For his age, it hadn't affected him, for mine, it left a sour feeling that was hard to wipe away.

In the consumer world too, most incidents or engagements will be forgotten. I forgot what happened at my retail store last month. I have a foggy memory of having shopped there, though I can't remember the details. Yet amongst this forgetful normalcy, some consumer engagements will be remembered. The delightful and the nasty ones. A delighted customer will remember enough to be back. The hurt one's gone forever. Now as much as possible, marketers must ensure customer encounters are made memorable. So they remember. So they come back.

Moreover what's fascinating is the fact that as much as its hard to remember, its harder to forget. And in the latter lies a marketing opportunity.

Of a lifetime. And its called Customer Life Time Value.


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