The Marketing Opportunity in 'Rejection'

Brands that get turned down for spots on Superbowl are as lucky as the ones that make it. Thank consumer curiosity for that. GoDaddy was the first to recognise a PR opportunity in their rejected commercials. The knew viewers would be as curious to watch what was turned down as the ones that finally ran on Superbowl. And so they put their 'banned' commercials up on their website inviting viewers to go to there and watch them.

Consumer curiosity if tapped into well, can have huge payoffs. Because curiosity led engagements are active. Consumers take the initiative to respond. They become active participants and therefore tend to turn fertile ground for brand engagements that will be remembered. Viewers will remember GoDaddy because they took the time to find their 'banned' commercials.

It may have been curiosity that prompted viewers on to the GoDaddy site, but it was marketing acumen that had GoDaddy see an opportunity where others saw rejection. And that, note, is what deserves applause.


Deepali Chandra said…
When we see or hear without paying attention that visual image goes off... but when we pay attention, visual image last longer for sure..!

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