The unfair in Fairness creams

'Fairness creams do make you temporarily lighter skinned. But for how long? How fair we are is not only genetically determined but is also dependent on factors like pollution, nutrition and everyday exposure to UV rays. Also, medication for common ailments like diabetes, hypertension and asthma may cause your skin to darken a bit. No whitening cream can help anyone battle clinically related skin-darkening. While using fairness products, the skin has to be constantly protected from sun damage and, as any good doctor will tell you, as soon you stop using these potions, the effects reverse. Which means, you are signing up for a lifetime use of potentially risky products to stay fair. Does your insurance policy cover expenses to treat dermatological allergies or irreversible damage to the body due to extensive use of whitening products? Or do you plan to give them up after retirement, or perhaps after your daughter is married? It’s not a feminist, class or race debate anymore—at least not exclusively. It’s a health and safety issue. Perhaps it is time to be fair to ourselves.'

- Shefalee Vasudev, 'So What If You Aren’t Shahrukh, You Can Still Be An Ass'.


Deepali Chandra said…
Certainly a good point to ponder upon... insure-es and insurer both need to be bit more smart in their coverage in question for the policy.
Ray Titus said…
Thank you for all your comments...Deepali. Sure you're having a whale of a time, 'down under'! :)

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