What's not ordinary is what gets you talking

The weekend saw me take an official trip to Lucknow. Returned late last night. The flight into Lucknow was a pleasant but a long one. The trip started from Bangalore, on to Calcutta, then to Patna and finally to Lucknow. Whew! Now I must say Indigo does a great job with its flights. Decent flying and smart service on board.

And then there was this interesting incident on board. From Patna to Lucknow we had the former Railway Minister, also the former Chief Minister of Bihar as a co-passenger, sitting in the row beside us. Now it was my first time seeing Laluji and he turned out to be just the way he is on TV. He smiled at us and I guess we felt grand. Since returning back from Lucknow I must have narrated this incident to a quite a few people I came in contact with. The reason's pretty simple. After all, its not everyday you have Lalooji as a travelling companion, that too plonked on a seat beside you.

The Marketing angle to this whole incident is interesting too. Indigo did a great job in flying. Maybe the next time I scout for tickets, Indigo will be on my radar. But what got me talking was an incident on board, that was out of the ordinary. This incident loosens my tongue and I so go about repeating the story to people I know.

Brands must know that great performance may instigate loyalty. But then they must also know its what happens out the ordinary that gets the customer talking. About the brand or about its place in a story, to others. Such talk is what spreads the word about the brand to other possible customers. On my part, I mention Indigo because Laloo as on board. My narration of the story features Indigo, as an airline that did a great job at flying. This talk of mine paints a possibility of my loyalty, but more importantly, opens up an opportunity for the airline in terms of possible new customers. Because you read my story and maybe next time you consider Indigo as your airline of choice.


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