The Deep Thinks of Deepak Chopra

'Note once again, Deepak’s ability to see inside souls. And whereas in Palin he finds only deceit and a certain coquettish seductiveness (the wanton!), in Obama he discovers the noble qualities of a true prince. Back to fairy tale land. And now he reveals where he has been taking us all along: Obama and his sage advisors:

‘…are playing the role of adults trying to call forth the adult in all of us. ‘

So you see, what we are living through now is not a time of political and economic crisis but rather a grand spiritual quest, in which the immature, childish American people will be saved by their wise leader who shall bring them not simply to better times but also, at last, to adulthood. All they have to do is listen, and obey this wise man who has come to lead us out of darkness. Don’t question, because he’s right. Don’t doubt, because he’s braver and more noble than you are. Don’t fight, because you’re being manipulated. Obey your elders. Obey your betters. And then you will be grown up. Just like Deepak and the Philosopher King.

Yes, my friends, this is what Deepak Chopra passes off as wisdom and truth! And yet still he makes millions!

Snake oil, anyone?'

- Daniel Kalder, 'Trashing Conservatives: The Deep Thinks of Deepak Chopra'.


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