Easy on the senses gets the Masses

Some time ago Anita said something remarkable. That in Delhi the most people read is Chetan Bhagat. Surprisingly, the last time I was at Delhi airport, the guy next to me was buried deep in a book. Needless to say, it confirmed what Anita had said.

There must be something about Chetan Bhagat (his site calls him the paperback king of India) that makes the masses want to read him. I guess Chetan is to Books in India, what McDonald's is to Fast food. Easy read. Not taxing at all. Truth is, you don't need a PhD to finish the book.

Easy on the senses is what the gets the masses. The moronic song and dance routine gets crowds. Heavy story line and its a trickle. If its masses brands target, sophistication can best be abandoned. Ditto for anything serious. Nice and easy is the way to go.

Personally, I can't get to reading Chetan Bhagat. Too easy, I guess. If its relaxing I want from a book, I still pick Sherlock and his ways. Last night, right before bed, I reread how Black Peter got speared by a harpoon, for the umpteenth time.

And then it was peaceful sleep.

Says something about me?


Unknown said…
chetan bhagat uses common english words in his book and in india it work's.
many writer's write better than chetan but i don't know why they deliberately use difficult word's.
Deepali Chandra said…
Completely agreed with the fact that Delhi people like Chetan Bhagat's book. As if something special in air about him or his books.And trust me its difficult to finish his book....one tend to pick book as its so popular but drop it as it becomes so predictable.
There is book called Journey to the west by Wu cheng-en. Good read for bed time stories. (Available as free e-book on net)

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