The Lone Warrior has Sena eating dust

I am delighted. Shah Rukh's movie has opened to full houses.

The story of Shah Rukh versus the Sena is the oft repeated David versus Goliath story. Though this time its with a difference, at least in terms of the desired outcome. David had to prevail so democracy could stay intact, despite dents. And that's the way its played out, at least on the first day.

The Sena has miscalculated, big time. Today was supposed to be a 'comeback' day for them. Instead its turned into one that'll be remembered for how a lone warrior made a Sena bite the dust. For some time to come, Sena's defeat will be remembered, and that won't flattering to say the least. After all, its such issues that's bread and butter to them.

The lesson they can learn?

In politics, as in business, as in life, one must pick one's battles with care. Taking on a lone warrior in full public eye isn't recommended, for two reasons. One, public sympathy rides with the loner, and two, should you lose, it'll will remembered for the times to come.

In business too, upstart loner brands dot the business landscape. Established biggies mustn't take them lightly. Neither should they take them head on. A carefully crafted strategy that shuts them out without any ensuing publicity is the way to go. That may mean introducing your own brand without much fanfare into the consumer space the upstart occupies, and so on. The Sena strategy that tried to ride on public sympathy by evoking an emotive issue, boomeranged. Sympathy wasn't forthcoming. What's worse, it went to the lone warrior. The Media too joined in to spread the story bringing even more support for Shah Rukh. Now, I for one am not surprised when such strategies are chosen by political parties, as its natural that they pick brawn over brain. So the dumbest ideas get put into action, with disastrous results.

I am no fan of Bollywood movies. Nor do I particularly like Shah Rukh on screen. But tell you what, I am proud of the man. For having stayed steadfast. For enduring as a lone warrior and taking on the Sena. For that, his movie deserves a watch.

And I will oblige.


Unknown said…
he has shown the true patriotism
Soumya said…

Hahah its nice to see how a totally uncalled for issue has helped Shah Rukh and his team build huge amounts of publicity for their film. Its even made you say that , for what he has done,its worth a watch..

he has managed to get the publicity done for the money at half the budget or should I dare say at the Sena's cost.

Good or bad Publicty is always good.

I realy dont understand how some people think that they can get any good but doing such deeds.. It was not even worth the effort, had they used that money to feed a few hungry mouths that would have been long remembered than waste money in such trivial matters.

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