Tiger, Tiger, wailing right!

I must say I am impressed. By the style, setting, content and delivery. Tiger's pulled it off pretty well. He had to. I'm sure networks around the world carried his apology live. Imagine if he had come across as a schmuck?

An apology in principle is a good idea. Yet know that it has all the possibility of making things worse. That's if it isn't carried off well. If an apology is messed up, the aftermath would be far lousier than before it was mouthed.

Tiger got all things right with his apology. Brands can learn from him (as much as not learn too), or at least from his apology. Great brands are ones that can get their 4Ps right. In substance, that is the product, they have to be better than competitors, in setting, they have to merchandised well and be available, in style and delivery they must be positioned to perfection. Of course all of that must come at a price that drives value.

Tiger's apology is a good one, but I wonder if its complete? What about the women he had affairs with? Don't they too deserve a mention in the apology? Or dare I say, an apology?


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