We've met the enemy and he is us

Its isn't easy keeping up with a three year old. More so because where everything around becomes material to be explored for him, I seek the familiar to ease into. For example, when I seek my favourite couch to sink into after work, he's almost finished dialling every possible number on planet Earth using his mom's mobile phone. But then its interesting how his sweet antics play a major role in keeping what's in my head young ands sprightly. Right now Alphy's unsuccessfully trying to fry something in the kitchen, 'cos Jaden's insisting he does it, his way!

Like I said, it isn't easy taking to everything Jaden does. At times it starts to overwhelm and irritate. And at such times we tell ourselves it isn't Jaden we need to control, instead its our own emotions. In trying to keep him and his naturally curious urges in check we may make things easier for ourselves, but we grossly mess up on providing him a nurturing environment. In raising Jaden up, we know our biggest challenge will lie not as much in the way we keep him in check, but in how we manage our own emotions when we confront his actions.

Now its exactly this sort of situation that crops up when marketers design and deliver product or service solutions to consumers. This endeavour that marketers undertake won't be all hunky dory. Consumers are bound to get on their nerves. At such times it would be pertinent to remember that consumers must be treated as 'uncontrollables'. The marketer instead should turn the spotlight on the system that's supposed to deliver solutions to consumers and see whether it can be bettered. Demanding consumers are opportunities for betterment of our systems. Now I can tell you, this act of business introspection isn't easy. Its far easier to retort back and put the demanding consumer in his place. That would be such a pity and it would signify a lost opportunity of betterment.

Right now Alphy's on the verge of going crazy trying to get Jaden out of the kitchen. Before everything goes up in flames, I guess I should intervene.

Wish me luck.


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