What binds Shah Rukh & Gao Zhisheng

The story of Gao Zhisheng and Shah Rukh don't have much in common. Yet there's a similar streak that binds them together. Their stories talk about societies that can't guarantee freedom to its citizens. And such societies won't ever lead the world. Socially or business wise.

Business brands that rule are born out of acts of innovation. Such innovations flourish in societies that allow for varied and dissenting expressions. Its no wonder why the West has a stranglehold on innovation across business sectors. America, I believe, has nothing to worry from the 'rise' of China and India. For that 'rise' is essentially about consumers hungry for products and services. And if you were to closely watch consumption in these societies, you'd see western brands gaining in strength, day by day.

Shah Rukh must be accorded the freedom to have his movies screened.

Gao Zhisheng must be freed.

To know how you can put in your support to either, visit here and here.


Deepali Chandra said…
Well concluded fact that western brands gaining in strength, day by day in Indian and Chinese societies. My husband (who is now Australian citizen) is born and brought up in India, but he doesn't have any liking or affinity towards almost all Indian brands!
And Indian brands might be lacking on act of innovation but certainly lack positioning and creating its own brand value.
Titan Edge world's first slimmest and water resistant watch, purely Indian innovation and manufacturing as well. But how many of us prefer Titan edge over Rado or Omega?
I haven't seen any of Titan brand watch in Australia yet.
Unknown said…
ya the society that can't protect his own citizen's right can never became a superpower.

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