I ain't puttin' my lights off, Abhishek can!

Let me get one thing straight. I ain't puttin' off any lights on the 27th the way Abhishek Bachchan would want it, as part of this duncey little movement called Earth hour. He can put his lights off if he wants to. Mine stay on.

The hypocrisy of such 'enlightened' movements just blows my head off. I wonder what kind of carbon footprint the likes of Abhishek run up every day. Bet he sleeps in an airconditioned room when I sweat it out under the fan every night. Bet he's got a dedicated generator that comes on everytime there's a power cut, when I slave it in the dark. Bet he drives a car that gulps down precious fossil fuel when the likes of me worship fuel efficiency, as that keeps petrol bills down.

Once again, what's the solution he proposes to save us from bankrupting planet earth? We put our lights off for an hour! Like I said he can yank his airconditioner off the wall, or play football with his generator or donate his car to charity. Should he do that, maybe I'd be willing to listen.

Listen folks, the earth's going nowhere. The doomsday theories are perfect for those in the lap of luxury. Because it gives them an opportunity to moralise to us ordinary folks. Remember, products and services are a result of man's ingenuity. They are to be bought and enjoyed. In fact, that's your right as a consumer. And there's no shame in that. As to whether we affect planet earth adversely, leave it to our own ingenuity. Unlike what the doomsday prophets proclaim, the future's only going to get better. With even more ingenious products and services.

And for the umpteenth time, the globe's not warming. That was a pack of lies from the likes of Gore and railway engineer Pachauri. Take my advice, keep your lights, fans and TVs on. Enjoy the hour. You've worked hard for it.

You deserve it!


Anoop Vijayan said…
I cant agree more with you, Sir
Ray Titus said…
Appreciate it... :)
BRS said…
A refreshing viewpoint! Very well said, Sir.

I saw Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth a couple of years back and one of my first thoughts was "How much fuel has he wasted by all that travel!". I am sure list of such hypocrite actions are endless, particularly among the so-called "elite class".
ThinkTank said…
They scare the hell out of us and get the Nobel PEACE (!!!!!) prize too
Ray Titus said…

I couldn't agree more...


Pity. But I guess the world's waking up to the scam.
Unknown said…
I wudnt agree to endorse prof's opinion.
First the Earth does need our attention, Just to assist u guys a lil' more, plz log on to this site :- (http://calculator.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx) and calculate ur carbon foot prints, u'll know y i am voicing my opinion in favor of celebrating the Earth hour. Now imagine the millions of wattage of energy that can be saved by turning off all ur energy guzzling equipments.Multiply that to millions of people across 121 countries who are volunterily participating in this event multiplied by the amount of time the power is expected to be switched off.Trust me its a gigantic figure !!
It might be of interest for some of u to know that one unit of energy saved is two units of energy less generated.Inturn less fuel used for generation of power and hence less pollution.And as far as Abhishek goes, well he's only trying to get the message across . Its like a friend of mine says " Content pe nahin Intent pe focus karo".At the cost of sounding a hypocrite, lets be honest guys who pays attention to scientists when they say that the earth is warming up(aah pedestrian stuff !), so therefore it needs a celebrity like Abhishek to make us put our thinking hats on !!! Save energy folks !!
Ray Titus said…

Hypocrisy aside (though I am sick and tired of Bollywoodian ninnies telling me what I must do), lets consider the concept of carbon footprint.

Other than Climategate being one of the biggest hoaxes in history, it also exposes the moral bankruptcy of the liberal elite.

Pls. read through some of the article link's I've provided below, and as Zombie states in the first article,

Nilova, what about your Iron, Uranium, Oxygen, Copper, Neon, Fluorine, Aluminium, Lead, Nitrogen...footprint?

Doing something about them?

Also if someone really cares 'bout the environment, I'd say live the way Amazonian tribes do. If you can't because you need your cars and your mobile phones, I'd say go easy on the preaching.





Unknown said…
i totally totally agree sir :)
Unknown said…
Agreed Sir Partially though :)
Lets consider this. We can either do something about this and back an initiative or be averse to it and wait for the nxt generation to face the music. Bangalore, once a place known for its pleasant climate now has none.I guess that's only because someone thought, that he is insignificant to make an impact and did nothing. And so did the next. And next... for a change lets do it otherwise :)
H@rrY said…
Totally agree to the post.Another stupid campaign that has come up is USE mobile Save paper.Really , has Aditya Birla ever calculated the carbon foot print of a mobile to that of (recycled) paper?
Though Doomsday , i must agree, is highly dramatized , We do need to be careful on " enjoying the hour".I say this in the sense - Try and enjoy the right amount.If you dont need it, Switch it off or dun use it.
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I agree, most of them just talk the talk very few walk it...
Sumanta said…
The only thing I can say is that "Poewer of writing can change perceptions",and I just experienced it aftere reading this post.
100% agree with you Sir.
Prasad said…
I think it is always hard to know which is true and which is not about global warming.

Taking a stand that I will not do it "because some one is telling me" is probably arguable for any cause. I appreciate the fact that Junior AB may be a bigger cause than you/ me. For me thats not the reason.

For me I don't really believe Man caused all of Global warming. I think it is a natural process.

But the day I believe global warming is for true and we can stop it, I will do my best. Throw my car or to use Public transport - does not matter!

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