My Soft Drink's me, or is it?

The other day someone tells me our choice of a beverage says so much about us. I guess I agree, though I need to add something more to that. Our choice of a beverage also may say nothing about us, instead say more about the the context and its effect on us.

Let me illustrate both these scenarios. Soft drink manufacturers make the effort to build a personality for their brands. For example, Thums Up, the leading cola brand (owned by Coca-Cola) in India takes an identity of dare-devilry. Which I believe suits it fine. People who either see themselves as dare-devils or fantasise about being one, take to Thums Up. But then its also important to note that this choice plays out in manner that's conspicuous. I mean the kid who sees himself as the daredevil buys a Thums Up while with friends and downs it, thus making a statement about himself, in the open.

Now contrast this with my buy of a Soft Drink brand. My buy doesn't see me downing the drink at a store, Instead I buy it for future consumption. I intend to take it home and have it, maybe at meal time or whenever I feel thirsty. So I go to the store and ask for a 2.25 litre Sprite. The store guy tells me Coke's stopped the 2.25 ltr. bottle and instead is sticking to the 2 ltr. one. I am not too happy, as the 2.25 ltr. bottle gave me an the extra .25 ltr. at a 2 ltr. price. But then I understand its summer and so the company is trying to make hay while the sun shines. Note, pun intended. The store now tells me the 2 ltr. Sprite bottle's priced at Rs. 55. I am pissed as the 2.25 used to come at Rs. 52. I am tempted to say, hell with it, I can stick to water. But then I succumb to the need for an icy cool soft drink as a thirst quencher, while the sun beats down mercilessly almost all day long. And so I ask the store guy how much 7 Up's (a competing uncola brand from Pepsi) priced at. He tells me they've stayed at Rs. 52, at least for now. Now that's better news and so what do I do? I switch to 7Up.


As much as the kid's choice of Thums Up says something about him, my choice of 7Up says nothing about me, except for my need for a soft drink at a lower price point. Knowing this difference becomes imperative for the marketer, as, for the kid they may need to go the extra mile to build a cock-n-bull story about dare devilry so Thums Up sells. As for me I'd say, save the advertising dollar and plough it instead into a promo. That way, I may buy. And note, I am important, as I am the one who's giving the marketer the volume sale.

Plus I am the one who's making the more sensible buy, therefore no cock-n-bull stories for me.

Get it?



Unknown said…
may be, you fall in economy minded segment.
they also exhibit irrational behaviour when they buy everything by comparing price only ,not value.

like i bought compaq laptop & idea sim card because of there low prices. Later i came to know that how bad idea network is and how bad compaq sound system is.

or you don't fall in that segment?
Unknown said…
kid fall in outdoor enthusiast -lifestyle segment and you fall in economy minded-lifestyle segment .
it has nothing to do with the context.
or it is due to context?
Aleina said…
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Unknown said…
True sir. No stories to the sensible buyer and hence it makes sense to sell with a simple message: worth the money. As a brand, it needs both, the kid and the thinking consumer. Well explained as to where I need to pith my marketing dollars and where to get them from.

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