Bada Hua to Kya Hua...

The current Complan commercial tells parents they needn't worry if their kids are vertically challenged, and have to face the brunt of jokes at school. Yours truly can help them expand vertically, thus saving them of their humiliation.

Now for someone who's pretty much vertically challenged, which is me, I must say the commercial makes me wince. I remember graphically well the challenges I faced whilst young, being in the 'challenged' category. But tell you what, today its a breeze. While my vertically blessed peers look like they're going to kick the bucket (yeah, that's rude :) ), I could play Foosball with college kids and have no one notice. Though I guess the greying hair could give me away.

Back to the commercial. I think its a brilliant idea to play into the insecurities that parents carry. After all, most of 'em try and live out the lives they couldn't for themselves, through their kids. I can't imagine too many parents out there thinking genetics when they see the Complan commercial. Instead I see them remembering the Complan message, buying into the bunkum, and accordingly buying the brand at a store.

Fear and anxiety appeals work well if used with care. It may require the consumer to be the insecure kind for such appeals to work. As for parents, they're near perfect for such messages. Though the jarring note amongst it all would be parents like us who are downright proud of Jaden's vertical progress now and forever.

Hey as a closing note, for all the vertically blessed ones out there, may I remind you of what the mystic poet Kabir said, 'Bada hua to kay hua.....'


Unknown said…
you used this phrase- kicking buckets in class also many times with morons.
i am not still able to get it what does it mean and how it shows that the person who is kick bucket is "moron"

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