Consumer Rights & Responsibilites

'The benefit of a tax is that it affects you and your competitors at the same time, so you all benefit from doing the right thing, as opposed to having to compete against someone who doesn't care as much as you do.'

The problem I have with Seth's take on the Sweet soda tax is twofold. One, the added tax if passed on to the consumer would mean higher prices. What if that brings consumption down? Of course, that's the idea. But then, you're barking up the wrong tree. Which brings me to my second point. The burden of reduced consumption mustn't be put on producers but on consumers. I mean, if the right to consume is theirs, the discipline to resist consumption should surely be theirs too. Plus, why should I pay more for your indisciplined obesity?

Taxing the producer to save the consumer is pretty dumb. Plus it only breeds ninnies looking for excuses.


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