I switched, I saved

After quite a while I do my grocery purchases at Star Bazaar. As usual the place is chaotic. But then there's something that's good for the consumer at the store. Across various categories of products, Start Bazaar's used a tactic that I believe will stand it in good stead. The store's got a tag above almost every product on the shelf saying, 'Switch & Save'. The tag pits Star Bazaar's private label brands with established brands on the shelf by telling consumers should they 'switch' to the store's brand they would 'save' a certain amount of money.

Did I switch? Of course, yes. Maybe not all categories, but certain ones, yes, I did. Why? Simple, because when it came to those products I didn't think brands from manufacturers were any better than the store's brands. In fact for all you know, the products inside the packages would have been the same. Which means the brands have now turned into commodities for me, and in such case what gets my buy is lower price. The store brand's priced lower.

Note, when it comes to most grocery and FMCG products, consumers make their brand choice inside the store. Its because they aren't involved with such products enough to have the brand pre-determined outside the store. In such a scenario what gets the consumer buy is compelling value proposition inside the store. Store brands at the Star Bazaar store did have such a compelling proposition through its 'Switch and Save' program.

I switched, I saved.


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