India's Urban Awakening

Opportunity of India's urbanisation to 2030 -
  • 5 times - the number by which GDP will have multiplied by 2030
  • 590 million people will live in cities, nearly twice the population of United States today
  • 270 million people net increase in working-age population
  • 70 percent of net new employment will be generated in cities
  • 91 million urban households will be middle class
  • 68 cities will have population of 1 million plus, up from 42 million today; Europe has 35 today
  • $1.2 trillion capital investment is necessary to meet projected demand in Indian cities
  • 700-900 million square metres of commercial and residential space needs to be built- or a new Chicago every year
  • 2.5 billion square metres of roads will have to be paved, 20 times the capacity added in the past decade
  • 7,400 kilometres of metros and subways will need to be constructed- 20 times the capacity added in the past decade.

Access and read the McKinsey Global Institute report titled, 'India's urban awakening: Building inclusive cities, sustaining economic growth', here.


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