Project Rebuild Tiger

'Except Woods didn’t suffer. His life was a nonstop party, for years. What he did was cause others to suffer. He isn’t a victim; he’s a degenerate. His brief hiatus from golf and his stay in “rehab” are mere theater meant to allow time for the jokes to die down and to rebrand him as a soul-searcher.

What soul? Woods didn’t fall in love with someone other than his wife, didn’t commit an indiscretion or two, didn’t prove he’s “only human.” On the contrary: His sexual exploits are practically superhuman. They required planning and tactical brilliance and elaborate deceptions and a tireless, all-consuming devotion to adultery. They aren’t “a mistake.” They reveal the true essence of who he is: a revolting scoundrel. It doesn’t matter how much time he spends parading his penitence. His hero credentials stand permanently revoked. Don’t let Nike fool you into thinking otherwise because they need him to sell their super-duper high-performance sweaters.'

- John Boot, 'Project Rebuild Tiger'.


Anoop Vijayan said…
i never heard such acrimonious words from you in any of your previous blogs!
Ray Titus said…
One, those words are out of John Boot's article, which has been linked. Do have a read.

Two, sure some words within the snippet are pretty 'strong', but don't let that take your attention away from what John's trying to say.

Three, provocative language sure isn't easy to handle, and maybe it even distracts us from the core message, but that doesn't mean it mustn't be used, because that may be the very reason why you may choose to read what's written, in the first place.
Ray Titus said…
My take on the Nike Ad?
Anoop Vijayan said…
I do understand that,sir. I did not intend to criticize you, just that i had not seen such strong language from you previously.

i completely agree to the three points.
Ray Titus said…
Thank you for the clarification...though I must add; should you want to criticize, don't hold back.

'Cos your divergent point of view may help me see what otherwise I may not...never mind the 'ouch' that follows... :)

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