The simplest ain't the easiest

Urmi left the corporate world to follow her passion. Dance. She's now at the Daksha Sheth Dance company. When I applaud her for following her heart, she shrugs it off, and tells me what turns out to be immensely thought provoking. She says, what she's done may not have been the easiest of things to do, but was the simplest of all.

'Following one's heart is actually the simplest thing one can do. It may not be the easiest, but it is one of the most simple things.'

Reminds me of what Marketing should be, to business firms. Though not the easiest of acts, Marketing is the simplest of orientations to have. One that ensures everything a business firm's about, revolves around the consumer.

Its practice ain't easy. Far from easy, I'd say.


Sir,its simple and great thought to inspire young minds to follow heart!!!!!!!!
Ray Titus said…
Sure it is Ranjit, though I'd still advocate some element of caution following one's 'heart'.
Anoop Vijayan said…
Other day i was watching Steve Job's Standford convocation address. I have seen it more than 100 times already!
There was this incident when he dropped out of college which he didn't find any interest and dropped in on calligraphy class. He recalls how that didn't seem to have any hopes of practical application, but years later , it was the time spent at those calligraphy classes that helped him to design Mac with beautiful typography.
He says u just need to follow your heart and believe that dots will connect. I agree to that sir....whatever we do, if its backed by passion and dedication, the dots will connect.
I d like to have your opinions, Sir
Anoop Vijayan said…
i am sure you would have seen that video, in case you havent am sending you the url. It is a must watch!

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