What about the 'Right to Educate?'

The 'Right to Education' should be more about the "Right to Educate'. Which means to have more children in schools, government shouldn't be enacting laws that force educators to take on more children, instead it should be enacting laws that allow for more schools to be built and run. Which means the school system should be rid of the government bureaucracy that now controls it.

It doesn't matter whether its education or any other service, government intervention only makes things worse. Its private enterprises that can always better services, even in education. Like I said, the government should do nothing but make it easier for private enterprises to flourish in education, thus paving way for more children being educated.

Note Milton Friedman's take on Education,

'I believe that the only way to make a major improvement in our educational system is through privatization to the point at which a substantial fraction of all educational services is rendered to individuals by private enterprises. Nothing else will destroy or even greatly weaken the power of the current educational establishment--a necessary pre-condition for radical improvement in our educational system. And nothing else will provide the public schools with the competition that will force them to improve in order to hold their clientele.

No one can predict in advance the direction that a truly free-market educational system would take. We know from the experience of every other industry how imaginative competitive free enterprise can be, what new products and services can be introduced, how driven it is to satisfy the customers--that is what we need in education. We know how the telephone industry has been revolutionized by opening it to competition; how fax has begun to undermine the postal monopoly in first-class mail; how UPS, Federal Express and many other private enterprises have transformed package and message delivery and, on the strictly private level, how competition from Japan has transformed the domestic automobile industry.

Read Milton Friedman's take on the role of Government in Education, here and here.


Piyush said…
Hi Sir,
You always praise capitalism that influenced me also as a follower of free market, but at the same time when Private players cry foul for the socialist approach in the bill, I believe our society still not don’t understand the meaning of free(doom). Where a guy with his Grocery store bill states it as a Doctor certificate for practice in rural areas of India, this can be only worsened by Milton.
Even Govt. via this Bill can be sued for not providing education. It’s a stepping stone for us as HRD minister mentions 5 years of phased implementation of the Bill.

Piyush Agarwal

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