Who's like a premium brand in a kirana store?

I am amazed at the hullabaloo on the latest Tharoor controversy. The Khap panchayat dares the courts, angry mobs ransack a hospital in Kolkatta, and prime time new channels present in the most Bollywoodian of fashion as borne out by the permanent comedian on TV Arnab Goswami, who's got equity in the Kochi IPL team!

For crying out loud, who cares?

IPL is a private jamboree intended at making money by getting people to watch what I've always said is the most boring of sports. Of course, now presented in a baseball-like fashion. Now the real reason behind Lalit Modi crying hoarse is his chunky money and influence pie taking a hit because Kochi gets a team and not someone he favoured.

Tell you what, Shashi Tharoor is like a premium brand in a kirana store. Too much of class and sophistication. Too many beautiful women at his arm. The kind of guys we find in our parliament can't get a mile within either class or lovely women.

Is it any wonder then politicians too want to stick it to Tharoor?


Unknown said…
like you sir :)

request-i am waiting for your view's on bajaj's new move to remove bajaj name on its bikes.
Ray Titus said…
Can't help but grin. :)

Haven't read about the Bajaj move...will check it out...thanks.

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