Why IPL scores

As I listen in on the IPL award related press conference being addressed by Lalit Modi, I gotta say, I have to hand it over to this guy. Lalit's taken the most boring of sports, Cricket, and turned it into a money-making machine.

The reason, as much as its about a marketing juggernaut behind IPL, is also about India and the sports scene here. For a billion people, there isn't a single team sport at which the country does well. Thank God the game of cricket was invented by the English. Its boring nature is thus explained. It should therefore not be a surprise that not many countries around the world took to it or played it. India thus stood a great chance at doing well at the game. It did. A billion naturally took to it.

Thank the stars also for the fact that there are Indians around the world, living in other countries, dying to connect to something's that's Indian. Food aside, what's left is cricket and song n' dance Bollywood. Currently the two have joined hands in the jamboree called IPL.

For now, close to a billion eyeballs are buying in.



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