Care for a healthier chip?

The key to getting your brand's positioning right starts with knowing what it is that motivates consumers to consider a purchase. Zero in on a flawed motivational factor and you'll see the brand not taking off.

Take Parle Monaco Smart Chips for instance. The idea its hawking is to get people to care about a chip that isn't fried, therefore healthier, and so not piling on the pounds. The question is do chip consumers care enough to switch to a healthier alternative? Parle's smart chip's targeting all (note the commercial), but chip eaters mostly are youngsters. Lays and Bingo in India take the 'fun' route keeping that in mind. Smart Chip intends to take another.

The other day, I thought I'd try Smart Chips. It was available at the store. When I checked the package date, it was a month old. I went back to Lays. I must say, that ain't good going for Parle. Wonder if there's a turnaround in sight?


Adithya said…
apart from what is being highlighted here another important factor or rathe i would say 2 factors to be noticed with this brand is the usage of its Parent brand name that of "Monaco" and the application of Amir Khan as its brand ambassdor. would like to know the rational behind such decisions inspite of "Monaco" as a biscuit brand didn't take off in the market.
Ray Titus said…

Monaco must still hold high levels of brand reognition, so leveraging it by associating the name with a new product makes sense...

Monaco may not have taken off, but that doesn't mean the brand's lost all equity.


Good point...maybe...but I wonder how many viewers will see it that way...if they do, that's brilliant ad making...

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