The one act causes ruination

Gordon Brown's 'bigot' gaffe seems to have been the biggest nail in Labour's coffin. The nails for now, keep getting hammered in. The latest has been Guardian's support for Liberal Democrats.

GB's gaffe couldn't have come at a worser time. In fact what its done is turned the fence sitters away. The reason why the bigot comment's effect will be acute is because its come quite late in the campaign, and so there isn't enough time for people to forget or forgive. The recency effect has kicked in, so the comment will be fresh on voter minds.

What's of particular interest to me is how people make judgements solely based on a single incident. Gordon Brown will be be judged solely on that comment. Voters will not remember anything else. Gone into thin air is everything good Gordon's done.

Its a lesson to brands. It won't seem fair, yet consumers will make judgements based on a single encounter or an incident. They may walk into your retail store and have that one unpleasant experience, and remember it for a lifetime. Its important marketers are constantly alert and focused on the consumer to ensure there aren't any mess ups.

For GB its a single comment gone horribly wrong. Despite his penitence it may have cost him big. Cost him an election.


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