The opportunity in Failure


The other day, a visit to Jaden's Doc. had him telling us Jaden looked two (he's three and a half years old) and two kilos short. I, for one, took his reprimand with a pinch of salt. I've been watching Jaden's motor and cognitive skills to know he's at his peak. Plus is it any coincidence Alphy looks eighteen and I twenty (yeah...vanity...thy name's...)?

But Alphy didn't handle the feedback well. Once out of the doctor's office, she let the floodgates open and I for once didn't know what to do. Thankfully she recovered, though after much assuaging.

The incident reminds me of how potent the fear of being judged a failure is. For Alphy, the doctor's comments meant she had failed as as mother. That's a catastrophe personified, for her. What do I think? She's near perfect! Jaden and me are eternally thankful to have the amazing her. But I guess at that time nothing mattered. Alphy had nothing on her mind than what the doctor had said. That she had failed.

What we fear most in life is being judged a failure. That makes us vulnerable as people. As consumers. I think it would be a great idea to pitch a brand as something that can help us overcome failure. It means a brand helps us escape being judged as failures. Take education for example. To a kid, failing an exam is not as much failing an assessment tool, its more about being judged a failure by peers. That's why 'coaching' classes in India thrive. Kids don't go in for coaching so they can learn a subject better. Its more a guarantee to good marks. A guarantee to not emerging a failure.

My guess is, the opportunity to help consumers overcome failure is manifold. Its for brands to spot it and use it.


Adithya said…
sir good point identified...can you please spot an ad or a promo of any sort in the media which has don so for better understanding sir? thank you

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