What we can't be is what we want to be

There's no need to fret. In fact I think its the best that can happen to Mark Zuckerberg. A Hollywood film will portray him as a ruthless and untrustworthy sex maniac. What could be better?


Because Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook founder is plain bland. But Mark the sex maniacal Facebook founder transforms into fantasy material. And that's the genesis to a legend.

Both as people and as consumers we are forgetful. We have too many things on our hands to remember other things. So we end up remembering only what matters, and what's caught our attention in a riveting manner. The proposed Hollywood movie will present Mark in a rememberable manner. Maybe for the wrong reasons. But as they say, all publicity is good publicity. All recall's good recall.

If I were Mark's PR guy, I'd tell him to sit back and grin, and watch the legend unfold. For you see, what we can't be is what we want to be. Mark's what we can't be. Mark's what we want to be. Hollywood's just helped him cement that, lock stock and barrel.


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