Tweens: Rites of Passage

6 Rites of Passage

MAKEOVERS: From dressing up their dolls, pre-teen girls have moved on to adorning themselves. Shaving their legs is the biggest indicator of young adulthood. For boys, it's using hair gel and deos.

SLEEPOVERS: It's a night of gossip and giggles. Who is dating whom? Who has a crush on the cute drummer from high school? Who has started wearing a bra already? Strictly for the girls. Boys have their own version. It's the wilderness camp.

MALL MANIA: Girls meet for coffee and discuss what to wear at the next party. Boys meet for bowling, catching movies or just checking out girls.

SIBLING RIVALRY: Sisters fight over clothes, make-up and boys while brothers try to establish their domination. The elder one gets upset if the younger one is already a 'Bond' in school.

GAMES THEY PLAY: Truth and dare is the favourite pre-teen game, where one is dared to kiss their secret crush or admit they have one. Boys love to have day-long Playstation matches, which allow them to be Ronaldo, John Cena or Brian Lara. Girls are big on online games, tending their farms and baking a batch of brownies on Farmville and Restaurant City.

ROMANCE VS SEX: While girls read Sweet Valley and The Twilight series, boys are busy exploring explicit magazines and movies.

- 'Tweeny Boppers', India Today Magazine.


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
even i read 8 year will be generation gap.
means as you can see drastic difference between 27 year old and 19 year old.
Unknown said…
very true.... nice article
Sonia said…
I wish this site had a 'like' button.

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