Raajneeti with the Politics

The way it is with me is they gotta pay me to watch a Bollywood flick. No one's done it yet. So I figure I do the 'pay', and watch. Its Raajneeti. And its my first time.

I am not impressed but I ain't disappointed either. The movie's impressive and subject heavy. But what I am also impressed with is what they did to Raajneeti outside theatres. They positioned it smartly. Thus they got it to be talked about, for certain 'other' politics.

Positioning first, Politics second. The makers of movie figured correctly the masses don't want to see on silver screen, a heavy dose of political rigmarole. After all, its all around them in real life. So they pitch the movie on the romance between two of its stars, both I guess, in their twenties. After all, who in this Coke-Pepsi-Globalised age wants to see ageing stars like Ajay Devgan mouth menacing dialogues? They'd rather go week kneed watching boy-faced Ranbir and doe-eyed Katrina romancing round Swiss hilltops. And so the makers pitch the movie on this 'romance'. But then, the positioning move gets the geriatric stars who otherwise have substantial roles in the film seethe with anger. And so the oldies boycott all promos. Again, good for the movie, because that means Publicity. People now would be more curious to see what the hullabaloo is about.

On both the positioning and the publicity front, Raajneeti scores. Never mind the angst that followed. After all, what's Raajneeti without the politics?


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