Working inside to stall outside influence

There's only some things we can do, raising a kid. Other things, from the outside we can't control. Like with Jaden, there's only so much we can do in influencing his inside-home and social behaviour. And then there's things he picks from behaviour he sees outside, when he's away with no us. But what we hold on to is the fact that our environment at home can surely fashion and embed civil behaviour that can't be shaken. Even if there's incivility from the outside.

Its the same experience marketers encounter. There's only so much brands can do in designing and communicating value. Then there's the socio-cultural environment that includes, reference groups, social class and culture that can fashion and even dictate consumption behaviour. That is, a brand can say what it wants, but the consumer may end up listening to someone ranting online about the brand. Which may mean an unfair non-buy. Of course, online rants may be the truth, but there's a possibility they aren't. What brands can do is what we do at home. Ignore the heckling form the outside and concentrate on giving Jaden a great environment within the four walls of our home. Brands on their part can listen to relevant consumers, adapt to changes on the outside, and keep designing and delivering compelling value.

That way, consumers won't stray. And that way, Jaden stays grounded and civil.


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