Adapt to Survive

The Bangalore weather reminds me of dynamic business markets. If you can't quickly respond to changing conditions, you go under. Just like I did. The weather here goes from hot n' dry to wet n' cold in hours. The right response should have been a change in clothes. From cottons to woollens. I didn't make the switch, so paid the price.

Business firms too operating in dynamic industry conditions where product life cycles are short should always be at the forefront of adapting to technological changes that alter products for the better. The quicker they adapt, the greater the chances at riding the change in weather and emerging in the pinkest of health. Remember, Sony was a Walkman. But what about when the digital music (MP3) era dawned?

Now I think I've learnt my lesson, though I must say I can't bet on it. After all, as they say, 'old habits die hard'. Don't they?


Priya Ranjan said…
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Priya Ranjan said…
Sony moved to MP3 as well but the focus of then Sony (walkman era) to the present Sony (LCD Bravia era) has shifted. Comparison on no. of new innovations & market acceptability in terms of biz. growth gives broader image about the pace of an organisation rather, growing with line up focused. New product line up and diversification would be the key driver...

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