Deciphering decisons

We tend to think that its decisions we take that we struggle with. Truth is, its easier for us to come to terms with our own judgements. Its harder when its some one else's that calls for our understanding. I mean it isn't easy for us many a times to see another's judgement call for what caused it, especially when it runs contrary to what have been our call for that very same context. Emotionally Intelligent people are ones who can decipher a decision to understand the intricacies that caused it. And that is why when it comes to social relationships, people high on Emotional Quotient do well.

Every decision has behind it a contextual influence and a process that it goes through. Understanding the influence and process is critical to deciphering the decision that's been taken.

Ditto in the consumer world too. Every consumption decision has behind it an influence and a decision process. The two critical influencers to a consumption decision are the Marketing Mix and the Socio-cultural entities. The consumer decision process consists of a need/problem recognition by the consumer, a search for information about probable solutions, an evaluation of the alternatives available, which then maybe followed by a purchase or maybe even none. Understanding the dynamics to a consumption decision from the perspective of an influence and a process is critical to the marketer. Its this understanding that leads the marketer to design and deliver a superior consumer solution.

Now as for us as people, again, understanding a context, its influence and a subsequent thought process helps us decipher other people's decisions. Which in turn helps us come to terms with what others decide despite it being contrary to what our judgement call may have been.


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