Enhanced Technology ain't a better Consumer Solution

Its interesting how marketers confuse advanced technology for being a better consumer solution. As a standalone entity it isn't. For advanced technology to turn an enhanced solution, various other factors have to fall in place. This is well demonstrated in the concept of 'Diffusion of Innovation'. Accelerating consumer demand for an innovation requires that it have a relative advantage, be compatible, not be high in complexity, be easy in terms of trialability, have higher levels of observability and ride on the availability of complementary products. If these factors aren't satisfied, it would be while before consumer demand perks up.

Currently there's so much brouhaha being made about 3G in the Indian mobile landscape. Truth is, it isn't all hunky dory as Dr. Madhukar Angur points out in his article titled, 'Will the 3G call be dropped?'. He points to difficulties in the roll out of 3G in India and the the challenges it faces. The challenges identified include availability and affordability of handsets, poor infrastructure, pricing and low average revenue, and government intervention.

But Dr. Madhukar also adds, 'that’s not to suggest Indian 3G is doomed: There is scope for unique solutions here, too. Given that the Indian market comprises a larger section of the semi-urban and rural population, operators should concentrate on increasing their total revenue instead of focusing on Arpu and penetration factors. The Ovum report suggests that partnerships with government, NGOs and non-telecom players for product and service innovation would help. Additionally, India should encourage sharing infrastructural costs...

If such efforts succeed, the Indian public could expect a combination of advanced technology, multiple services and excellent communication—provided they are willing to wait.'

Here's hoping Marketers understand there's more to a consumer solution than just enhanced technology, and 3G diffuses at the earliest so Indian consumers enjoy an enhanced mobile communication solution.


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