Our illusions of us

I thought Suhel Seth's characterisation of Dimpy Mahajan as a 'twit looking for her fifteen seconds of fame' on a TV show last night, wasn't just crass and obnoxious, it was disrespectful of a woman who wasn't there to defend herself.

But I guess, Suhel's not the one to know. After all, what irony! The discussion centred on the dumbing down of Indian Television via reality shows, and Suhel thought Dimpy was part of it. Wish he knew he was too. After all, the loudmouth he is, that's so much what TV news at times is about. An obnoxious reality show with Suhel as a prime participant. I gotta admit, it makes compelling viewing though its mostly one sided with you know who dominating. Mercifully, there's some change of scenery at times. Like a few days ago when Rahul Mehra took Suhel head on by countering him on the Commonwealth Games, described by the latter as the moment when the world's eyes are on us. When Rahul characterised the loudmouth's view as 'crap' and asked which world he was talking about, Suhel did a 360 degree turn and whimpered about the CWG's future.

I could hardly contain my glee.

Suhel suffers from a disorder which unfortunately afflicts all of us in varying degrees. Self-righteous pomposity. Ditto for marketers too. Be the owner to a successful brand or firm and soon you start thinking you can do no wrong. In bias terms, its called the 'Illusion of Control'.

In life as in business, the ability to look inwards so as to correct, and outwards so as to fashion a response is the key to success. Pity it misses the likes of Suhel. But then again, I must admit he could be an exception. Zero inward thought, outward verbal diarrhoea, and he still seems to be successful.

The lesson?

The rule of 'exception'.


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