Why The Dhoni brand pips Sachin

I am not surprised Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni has signed a deal worth 200 crores with a sports management firm. Tell you what, he's worth that and more. More than even Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. The reason's to do with the breadth of his associative appeal.

Celebrity endorsers are expected to transfer their appeal on to a product brand thus building for it an identity that translates into a 'pull' among its target consumer segment. Dhoni's got greater breadth when it comes to an association with brands. On a similar count Sachin's appeal is limited. The breadth of characteristics you associate with Dhoni is surely more than that of Sachin. Dhoni's a looker who's also seen as a natural leader. He's perceived as Captain Cool. He's gutsy too and can play an innings under pressure. What's more, Dhoni's been untouched by any scandals. He's made it to getting married without any major controversies.

All of this means he can associate with multiple brands in multiple product categories. He's good for apparel, for beverages, perfect for lifestyle brands and services. In fact I can't think of one category where he doesn't fit.

Is it any wonder he's been signed on for 200 crores?


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