Consumer Buying Habits

The Indian shopper -

1. Keeps a brand in mind but buys the brand that gives him value.
2. Indians are more decisive than the Chinese about the brands they want to buy.
3. Indian in-home shopping behaviour, confidence in shopkeeper; quick and timely delivery; payment at doorstep; option of returning products; shopkeeper willing to make multiple trips if required.
4. Takes time to slowly read the information, to make sure that he gets what he want. Also compares products before deciding.
5. Usually takes whatever the store keeper suggests if preferred brand is not available.
6. Doesn’t look for promotions because most of the shopping is routine.
7. Enjoys shopping. He can see different things in the market.
8. Likes reading the ingredients and product benefits before buying.
9. Will buy a slightly pricey brand if it can give him an experience/feeling like no other.

Read the complete consumer survey here.


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