What it means to be Bitter vs. to Aspire

To know the difference between a capitalist and a socialist, you must know what it means to be 'bitter' and what it means to 'aspire'.

See, its like this. The 'bitter' man sees another riding a set of shiny wheels and wishes his wheels crash. So the two of them can be on foot and be miserable. This is in contrast to the way the one who aspires looks at things. He sees another sporting shiny wheels and 'aspires' for the same. And so works hard so one day he can ride the same wheels.

The socialist sees prosperity and wishes 'ill' on the prosperous. He wishes everyone's poor and miserable. And so goes about propagating the mantra of 'spreading wealth around'. The capitalist on the other hand witnesses prosperity and wishes for the same. And he know the only way to get there is to either turn to making products and services, thus making money, or be part of that process. This so that he can earn enough to buy his own set of shiny wheels and partake in the spoils of prosperity.

Now its one thing to not have and wish everyone else doesn't, and another to not have and strive to have. The former's bitter thinking, the latter's aspirations spurring action. The former's socialist thinking that hides under a garb of 'equitable prosperity'. The latters' capitalist thought that's at the heart of 'real' prosperity.

Its time people, especially in India, reject calls to socialism's 'utopian' equitable prosperity and adopt the capitalist way of life that's the only guaranteer to prosperity that may in the beginning look inequitable, but over time guarantees more equity than what socialists and their brand of equity promise.


Matz said…
Nice post !!
You hit the nail on that one :)
Ray Titus said…
Thanks, Mathew :)

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