Why Sal Khan also represents doom

Its truly amazing what Sal Khan does. But it also poses a problem. To marketers. What do you do when you are a service provider, and you have someone else who's an expert and offers that very same service for free?

Welcome to the nightmare services are going to face in the future. If there will be a service that can be offered without necessary accompanying physical infrastructure, someone will do it for free. And that someone will be an expert and therefore will do it well. Like Sal Khan. People who teach math and science, and charge a fee are in trouble. Because Sal does exactly that, extremely well, for free.

Imagine what that means. Tomorrow, someone's going to offer great golf lessons for free. In fact, no subject will be spared. If there's something that can be taught, it can be taught for free. And why restrict it to learning? It can be extended to other domains and disciplines too.

The Internet with its virtual connect that's only going to get better has overnight turned many business models obsolete. And that is going to continue and drive out of business all those who can't fathom how the Internet will affect them. Sal's doing it to commercial educators. Someone else will do it to you!

The question is, are you prepared? Do you have a plan to survive? Are you working on your business model this instant when someone else with the right intentions is going to make that very model obsolete?

My take, go figure. And quick!


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