How to hit home

Trying to talk to people who aren't tuned into your wavelength is like trying to blend oil and water. Sure, you can talk, and you can blend, but leave the mixture (in the case of the latter) on its own and you'll find the two go their ways. In the case of the former, the conversation can be frustratingly sustained, but it goes nowhere. You stay where you started at.


Marketers often do just that. Because they either get their language all mixed up or get their audience (read, consumer segment) wrong. To get a conversation going, you've to get your language and the recipient right. For instance, if its teenager you want to sell to in India, make sure the copy or content is 'hinglish', 'cos that's the language they understand. Plus if its an SUV you want to communicate, make sure your target audience is one that has the moolah, and is the kind that's into 'outback' driving.

People or consumers, it doesn't matter, speak to the 'right' man with the 'right' words. It'll hit home!


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