Mess up, but make up!

I am shocked! A couple staying at a Blackpool UK hotel were asked to leave because the manager accused them of writing an online hotel review on TripAdvisor. Its easy to guess what the review may have been.

Well, what about solving the problem that made them write such a review in the first place, and then put in a request to write about how the hotel helped them? The hotel in question, Golden Beach Hotel could learn a lesson from Cleartrip which messed up, but made up admirably earning praise from its customer.

Both of which were written about.


Matz said…
What if the customers who worte the bad review did it intentionally?
If that is the case, then the manager did the right thing.
From my experience of checking out reviews of hotels / restaurants, there are some good hotels which have some really bad and outrageous reviews written by their competetiors to sabatoge their busiess.

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