The potency in user-talk

First things first, Vaclav Klaus is a personal hero.

And when he recommends the UN remain the way it is rather than grow in size and cost the taxpayer, my admiration only grows. Vaclav Klaus surely knows what it is to be socialist or communist. The former as you may know is a term for government using taxpayer money in the most inefficient manner possible. The latter refers to same being done, but with a gun to the taxpayer's head.

I am not at all surprised at President Obama steaming ahead with his socialist ideology, for he's never lived in a communist regime like Klaus. Its only the ones who've suffered who know the perils of what others who haven't, follow. That's just like with consumers too. Users are wiser from their product/service experience and therefore credible than non-users. Users carry knowledge that comes from experience. And so marketers need to heed to what users say. For their words can surely influence first time buyers.

I wish Obama listens to the likes of Klaus, just as much as marketers listen to users. In doing so what can be prevented is the loss of liberty the way America's founding fathers conceived it, and of course first times consumers.


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