Can't take it, don't dish it

Assange can do the leaks, but can't take it. Typical.

Its with most of us. We can dish it out, but when what goes around comes around, we don't have the stomach for it.

Marketers must have the stomach for criticism. For taking what the consumer gives and use it to better their value propositions. Sure, there may be the few times when they've got to ignore what's being dished out by a consumer. Especially if its those consumers who are characterised as 'hostages'. 'Hostages' are unhappy consumers who stay with the company because of a monopolistic environment or low prices, and who are difficult and costly to deal with because of their frequent complaints.

Its in the best interests of every company to keep hostages low and loyalists high. The downside is, what's dished out then needs to be 'eaten'. Assange couldn't. Like I said, typical.


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