Does streaking make sense?

I feel my brief hiatus from my blog has done me good. Exhaustion from constant thinking has dwindled. So here I am. Walking into another bout of exhaustion. :)

Now, do I now know that someone 'streaked' at President Obama's rally? Yes.
Do I know it was done for money? Yes.
Do I know it was to promote a website owned by a shipping and bottling magnate known to pull such stunts through other people? Yes.
Do I now know the website being promoted? Yes.
Did I visit it? Yes.
Am I impressed? Far from being impressed, it was a turn-off. Will I visit again? No.

So did the streaking make sense? I must say, Yes.

Two reasons. One, it got people like me, and unlike me to know the website. That's brand exposure and recognition achieved. But no more. At least for people like me. But for people unlike me, its not just a visit to the site, maybe its revisits. That means it ain't just brand recognition, its recall and repeat purchase (read, revisit).

A million dollars well spent? I think so, yes.


Unknown said…
Ahhh ! Well Sir I think it was a long hiatus ..
So its good to read your blog after a long time.

Rajat Jain
Ray Titus said…
Thanks, Rajat. Appreciate it much.

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