Perceptions hit 'Reality' roadblock

'For Obama to avoid the latter fate, he will need to muster all of the considerable talent he displayed in 2008. He will need to persuade the country that he is on the way to fulfilling the grand and sweeping promise he embodied for many in that campaign. To make further transformation seem essential while arguing in favor of continuity. To rouse the passions of those he has disappointed and to allay the fears of those he has turned wary. He will need, in other words, to change the game again.'

Fat chance! Obama can't do zilch because the socialist propaganda he espouses and swears by is a surefire recipe for economic disaster. Even the liberal knuckleheads are starting to get it. More so because the Obama policies have left them jobless, plus hopeless. All the singing and chanting they did for their 'saviour' pre-election hasn't gotten them anywhere.

Obama is going nowhere but out. In classical marketing lingo, brand Obama promised value, delivered zilch. His promise got him liberal votes. Because brand Obama rode on perceptions. Right now the brand's hit reality. A miserable one at that. This time, the 'reality' Obama is will decide where the votes go. And my guess is, its going away.

But like they say, it ain't over till its over. If Democrats win, the dumbing down of America will be complete. If its the republicans that come in, and they do the freeze on spending they've promised, I'd shout a cheer for America.

Watch this space.


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